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Tzora Extremely light scooter – Feather



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Tzora FeatherLite Mobility Scooter: Super Light with Detachable Parts, Made with T7000
Super-Light Aluminum, Foldable, for All-Terrain Adventures, 9 Miles per Charge, Max Weight
264.5lbs, Flight-Approved, FDA Certified
Featherlight Portability: Weighing only 41 lbs (Deatachabl/divided into 2 parts- Heaviest part is
only 24 lbs) and crafted from T7000 super-light high-strength aluminum, the Feather mobility
scooter is the world's lightest scooter, easily separating into two components for quick storage
in a car trunk. Flight approved, FDA, and CE accredited.

Powerful and Reliable Performance: Equipped with the most reliable original motors developed
by the Tzora engineering team. The Feather delivers reliable and powerful performance, proven
in Tzora's Classic models. Its four-wheel design adds stability without compromising

Travel with Comfort: With an ergonomic design, an extra comfortable chair, and Flip-up
armrests, the Feather lightweight foldable scooter ensures a comfortable ride. Approved for
flight and suitable for all terrains, it offers independence and mobility without the need for
electric lifting hoists.

Easy to Use, Operate, and Store: The Feather's design prioritizes simplicity, featuring no
connectors or latches when folding or unfolding. It covers 9 miles on one charge, and its
detachable battery allows for convenient recharging indoors, making it the perfect companion
for everyday chores or travel.


Introducing the Feather: a game-changing lightweight mobility scooter crafted from the super
lightweight T7000 high-strength aluminum, the world's lightest aviation aluminum. Weighing
just 41 lbs, splitting into two components (heaviest Part is only 24lbs) for effortless trunk
loading and storing

Key Benefits:

Featherlight Portability: With an ultra-high-strength aluminum frame, the Feather is easily
folded or separated for quick storage in your car trunk, making it the ideal choice for those on
the go.
Craftsmanship and Materials: Tzora’s lightweight mobility scooter is made with the premium
T7000 high-strength aluminum, the world's lightest aviation aluminum. This ensures a strong,
safe structure while also being super light and easily transportable. The ideal choice to maintain
your independence on the go.
Powerful and Reliable: Fueled by original motors from Tzora, the Feather delivers unmatched
performance and durability. Its four-wheel design ensures stability without sacrificing
maneuverability, while the ergonomic chair guarantees comfort.
Convenient Operation: No connectors or latches here – the Feather's design is all about
simplicity. With a detachable battery for easy indoor recharging, it covers 9 miles on a 5-hour
charge, perfect for daily tasks and shopping adventures.
Designed to Last: No plastic on the frame means they aren’t at risk to break while being
transported saving you the hassle and cost of replacing them. We made sure to use materials
and designs that will make this scooter last you for years to come.

Main Features: Feather
Fold or separate easily and quickly.
Ergonomic easy-to-use design with adjustable armrests.
4-point-based chair for extra stability and comfort.
Compact storage, fitting into the trunk of your car.
Durable, safe, and stable with 4 unique wheels.
Suitable for all-terrain – indoor and outdoor.
Detachable battery for convenient recharging indoors.
Airline approved, FDA, and CE accredited.
Using the Feather:
Covering 9 miles on a single charge, the Feather is your go-to for shopping and everyday use. Its
adjustable speed dial makes adapting to surroundings a breeze, and folding it back into the
trunk after shopping is quick and seamless.

Why The Feather:

Light, easy to use, and travel-ready, the Feather guarantees independent travel anywhere. Its
compact foldable design easily fits your car trunk or other modes of transportation, making it
the highest-rated scooter in its class. Discover unparalleled mobility and convenience with the


The Compact foldable design of the Classic scooter allows you to easily fold it into one lightweight portable piece, or two more manageable pieces. It is easy to see why the Feather scooter has been given the highest rating in its class.

Technical information

Driving range                    9 miles                                                    15 km
speed                                3.7-5 mph (speed governed by law)       6-8kph
battery                                Lithium (available upgrade)                   lead acid (standard)
width                                  23"                                                          58 cm
Length                               41"                                                          104 cm
Height                               34"                                                           86 cm
Weight                              41 lbs                                                      19.5 kg
Folding                Folds to the size of a suitcase             Folds to the size of a suitcase
Unpacking    disassembles into two parts - 22lb &19lb    disassembles into two                                                                                                              parts  - 9.9 kg and 8.5 kg
Dimensions           when closed31.5" x "23 x "21                         80X57X53 cm
Maximum load              up to 265 lbs                                           up to 120 kg
Horse power                      0.7 watts
Wheels                       solid (anti-puncture).               Two wheels in the back, one in front
Tires                           diamater 8 / width 2                       diameter 20 cm width 5 cm
Width between wheels          23"                                                          57 cm
Length between wheels        31.5"                                                        80 cm
Tzora Extremely light scooter – Feather

Tzora Extremely light scooter – Feather