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Sublue BlueNexus Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Cordless, Smart, and Spotless Cleaning.
Introducing Sublue BlueNexus - the next generation cordless pool cleaning robot that employs advanced mapping and path planning technology. Its unique spiral cleaning path is designed to adapt to pools of varying shapes and materials, ensuring no corner is left untouched. Equipped with the cutting-edge Geoguru pool mapping and navigation system, as well as powerful suction and enhanced flexibility, BlueNexus delivers outstanding and thorough cleaning results.BlueNexus eliminating the need of complicated power cords, the Built –in Li-on battery with no risk of leakage. let BlueNexus do the work, you can enjoy a pristine pool without any hassle.
Leave the Cleaning to Us, You'll Save
Hundreds of Hours Every Year.

The absence of cables reduces storage volume, and eliminates the need for storage. With BlueNexus, you’ll never have to worry about the cable length restriction, eliminating the possibility of cable entanglement, knotting, and damage

Optimized Efficient Pool Cleaner
Smart GEOGURUTM Underwater Mapping and Navigation System Provides Accurate Mapping
Feel More Clean Better
Experience True Intelligent Mapping Delivers Exceptional Results. Industry's first integrated ultrasonic and laser sensor, Mapping accuracy centimeter-level. Equipped with 7 types of 12 sensors, the robot can autonomously perform full-pool mapping, Recreate the scene of the pool accurately, making it more familiar with your pool's condition.
Ultrasonic Detection Distance
12 Sensors
No Omissions for Higher Cleaning Efficiency

Self-developed underwater positioning navigation algorithm WSLAM, Precise intelligent planning for optimal cleaning path, ensures efficient cleaning with no corner left untouched. The spiral cleaning route ensures thorough coverage with no omissions.
Never misses a spot
Perfectly handles multiple zones in sequence
Highly efficient
Much more efficient than conventional robotic pool cleaner
Limits repetitive cleaning
Thorough coverage with no omissions
Ai Inside, Plan the Optimal Path

The high-performance main control chip has a running frequency of up to 528MHz, coupled with 256Mb DDR high-performance memory, providing powerful cleaning efficiency with minimal machine wear and tear.

No Wall Collision,
Without Damaging the Swimming Pool.
Multi sensor collaboration, accurately detect pool walls, steps, and obstacles, slow down and steer in advance to accurately control posture, prevent boundary recognition through brute force collisions, and damage to the swimming pool caused by prolonged use.

Super Scrub, Dirt and Debris cannot Escape it.
The 100W high-performance suction motor has a powerful suction force, with a cleaning rate of up to 17m³/hour, making it suitable for family swimming pools of various sizes, shapes, and materials. The cyclone vacuum technology provides a thorough cleaning for various types and sizes of debris and debris fragments, including solid debris, particles, hair, leaves, and more.
Powerful suction motor.
Strong suction
Cyclonic vacuum technology
Large 4.5L Filter Compartment
Features a filter chamber equipped with a 180-micron high-precision filter screen that can capture various small debris. Its 4.5L capacity can store a large amount of debris, meeting long-term and large-scale dirty filtration needs.
Easily Traverse Any Pool
The robot is agile and can actively avoid obstacles, adapting to various types of swimming pools.
Cleans Walls, Footstep and Waterline

Dual high-performance driving motor, 4-drive driving, strong grip, pool wall climbing freely; Strong mobility, more flexible movement
Multidimensional Recognition,
Active Obstacle Avoidance
The robot is capable of crossing obstacles and maneuvering around pipelines. Suitable for various shapes, sizes, and materials, with precise control of robot posture to thoroughly clean any surface dirt, including the pool bottom, walls, and waterline, leaving no dead corners.

Adaptable to All Complex Pools
Cleanable swimming pool surfaces such as vinyl, tile, concrete, and fiberglass
5 Cleaning Modes,
cleaning according to your preferences.

Smart Clean Mode
Uses mapping and intelligent sweeping with spiral path planning to clean without omissions or dead corners.

Floor Clean Mode
Uses an S-shaped path for the fastest pool bottom cleaning, completing the task in just 1 hour.

Wall Clean Mode
Provides efficient cleaning of pool wall waterlines.

All-Round Clean Mode
Provides complete cleaning of the pool bottom, walls, and waterlines.

Remote Clean Mode
  • Manual operation meets specific cleaning needs.
  • Safe lithium Battery with No Leakage Concerns
  • Equipped with 28500 mAh built-in high-performance power lithium battery, which can provide up to 100W continuous power output for up to 210minutes.
  • 28500mAh
  • Built –in lithium battery
  • 100W
  • power output
  • 210minutes
  • Runtime
  • 3.5h
  • Charging time equals approximately 3.5 hours
  • 1week
  • A single charge can be used for a week
  • The charging time is about 3.5 hours, and a single charge is enough for a week's pool cleaning
Comes with an advanced BMS battery management system that provides all-around multiple protection to the battery pack, effectively extending its battery life
No need for a nearby outlet or modifications to the pool, making it ready to use upon receipt.
Eliminates the risk of cable power leakage into the water, preventing electric shock, power failure, and incomplete cleaning.
Beyond User Friendly
Panel Setup for Easier Cleaning
Through the setting panel on the body, you can quickly set different cleaning modes, cleaning time, and cleaning times. Good human-computer interaction makes it easier to clean the pool.
Top Load Filter for Easier Cleaning.
Its top filter chamber design avoids manual contact with dirt and facilitates cleaning and removal.
Smart APP Control
With Sublue Robot App that supports WIFI remote control. You can view the cleaning process in real-time, filter data statistics, abnormal status alarms, cleaning logs, consumables and parts maintenance time reminders, and other practical functions.
One-button Ascent for Easy Retrieval
Automatically docks on the pool wall once cleaning is complete or when the power is lower than 5%. You can press one button to automatically climb the wall to recover, or you can use manual recovery
Large 4.5L Filter Compartment
Features a filter chamber equipped with a 180-micron high-precision filter screen that can capture various small debris. Its 4.5L capacity can store a large amount of debris, meeting long-term and large-scale dirty filtration needs.
Sublue BlueNexus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Sublue BlueNexus Robotic Pool Cleaner

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