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Populo Lift V2 Commuter Electric Bicycle

The Populo Lift V2 Electric Bicycle is Now Available with FREE Shipping Across the United States. This Step Through eBike brings an attractive new swooping design that adds style to its comfortable ride. The step-through frame makes it easy to mount and dismount, ideal for those that have difficulty getting on and off traditional style frames. It is the perfect recreational bike for your weekend rides or getting groceries during the weekdays.

Top-Quality Battery Cells For Longer Rides

Whether you're just going around the corner or you want to ride down the boardwalk during those sunny days, the Populo Lift V2 comes with high-quality Samsung batteries and 9-levels of assistance. With this, you'll be able to ride at least 30 miles* range on every charge.

*Range may vary according to rider weight and terrain.

Enjoy Either Pedal-assist or Throttle Modes

Squeeze the throttle to enjoy the 250-watt electric motor without pedaling, or let the bike do only half the work to get you over any hill with the pedal-assist mode.

Stop With Confidence

The disc brakes provide excellent stopping power in any weather conditions, and its rear rack opens a ton of possibilities for items to carry. The Lift will be your go-to bike when you want to enjoy your ride in complete comfort.

Additional Safety Features

In order to better ensure the safety of our riders, we've included three features:

  1. Panic Stop - When riding at max speed and the controller senses a sudden stop, the electric motor will disengage. To re-engage the motor, the bike needs to be stopped and assist-levels need to be at the lowest setting.
  2. Accidental Throttle Prevention - To prevent riders from accidentally engaging the electric motor with the throttle while walking the bike, the throttle will only activate when it has sensed one full rotation of the pedals. 
  3. Brake Lever Interrupt - All of our e-Bikes have brake lever trigger that interrupts the motor when it has activated. This ensures that the electric motor stops as soon as you squeeze the brakes.


Product Specifications 

Rear Drive 36V 250W 
Samsung 36V/8.7Ah, 313Wh
Populo Smart LED Screen
~30 Miles
Sensor  Speed Sensor
Front Brake
TEKTRO M280 160mm Disc Mechanical Brake
Rear Brake
TEKTRO M280 160mm Disc Mechanical Brake
Drive train
Shimano Revoshift 7sp twist shifter
6061 Aluminium Alloy
Suntour NEX
Threadless Adjustable Angle 31.8mm
Swept Back Aluminum 31.8mm
CST w/ Reflective Sidewalls 700x38c
Suspension Comfort
Velo Comfort
 1 1/8” Threadless VP Sealed
Alloy, Square Taper
49.4 Lbs/(M)
Warranty Two Year Limited Warranty 
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