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eDrift UH-ES295 2000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter with Shocks

The eDrift UH-ES295 has now been upgraded to the

Fat Bear Fat Road Electric Fat Tire Scooter by eDrift.

Click above to view and order the new 2020 upgrade today

The eDrift UH-ES295 2000W Electric Fat Tire Scooter with Shocks has arrived at the! These scooter's impressive 18, 31 or 44-mile per charge range, but also because riding the thing is just so much fun. With a comfortable seat, front fork suspension, a large deck, and thick tires that provide traction and stability, the ride is both comfortable and exciting.

The UH-ES295 model gets it's energy from a 60-volt, 12, 20 or 30 amp battery charges fully in 6 to 8 hours using a standard outlet. The powerful battery amps will allow you to move along with your ride easily controlled. A pair of hydraulic disc brakes controlled by hand levers can slow or stop you at any time. The battery also makes sure the headlight shines brightly and that the alarm system is ready to make plenty of noise if need be. The scooter has left and right rear-view mirrors for safety and features a fold-down kickstand for convenience.

Rider can travel up to 44 miles per charge with included battery. You don’t pay for gas, no DMV fees, no insurance premiums, street legal. and no license required! (check with your local laws) Upgrades include: Front Suspension for a smoother ride, Powerful headlight, Super load alarm system with wheel lock, Key-less Remote Start.

The steering on this Fat Tire Scooter is kept to a minimum as you lean into your turns. But don’t worry, you can stop on a dime, all thanks to the powerful Hydraulic Disc Brake system.

Notable additions with your purchase of this Fat Tire Scooter are a 12 Month Limited Warranty on Battery & 6 month Parts and Accessory warranty, LED Front Light, Keyed ignition with Digital Gauge, frequency operated button with remote start.

Key Features: 

  • Perfect Commuter: Cruising speed fast enough for most city streets and a range that can get you across town and back again


  • Powerful: Scooter is driven by a 2000W motor that gets its energy from a 60-volt 12AH, 20AH or 30AH AMP battery


  • Easy Controls: Deft and responsive ride as you lean into turns and shift the handlebars ever so slightly. Riding becomes natural in mere minutes


  • Amazing Weight Capacity: Capable of transporting passengers weighing up to 350 pounds!


  • Rugged Braking System: Dual hand-operated hydraulic disk brake system slows the scooter smoothly and stops it on a dime if ever you need

Productions Specifications

Product Weight  150 lbs
Product Length  69 Length
Product Width   31 Inch
Product Height  43 Inch
Occupancy 2 Person
Battery  Lithium Ion 60V
12AH Charge Time  3-5 Hours
20AH Charge Time  5-6 Hours 
30AH Charge Time  6-8 Hours
Range Up to 44 Mile range per charge.
Throttle Twist and Go
Brakes Hydraulic Disc with 160mm Rotors Frame
Material Steel
Fenders ABS Plastic
Tires  225/55-8
Weight Capacity  350 lbs
Battery Indicator   Yes


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