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eDrift UH-ES295 1500W Electric Fat Tire Scooter

The eDrift UH-ES295 has now been upgraded to the

Fat Bear Fat Cub Electric Fat Tire Scooter by eDrift.

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The eDrift UH-ES295 1500W Electric Fat Tire Scooter has arrived at the! This is a Battery operated Fat Tire Scooter.These has a zippy top speed and its impressive 44-mile per charge range, but also because riding the thing is just so much fun. With a comfortable seat, front fork suspension, a large deck, and thick tires that provide traction and stability, the ride is both comfortable and exciting.

The eDrift UH-ES295 gets its energy from a 60-volt, 20-amp battery that charges fully in 2 to 3 hours using any standard outlet. The batteries powers you along at up to at a high mph, with your ride easily controlled thanks to the scooter forward gears.A pair of hydraulic disc brakes controlled by hand levers can slow or stop you at any time. The battery also makes sure the headlight shines brightly and that the alarm system is ready to make plenty of noise if
need be. The scooter has left and right rear view mirrors for safety and features a fold-down kickstand for convenience.

Given the impressive 350-pound weight limit of this electric scooter, most adults can ride it around and even bring a backpack loaded with groceries, a change of clothes, or their laptop and files for work or school. It really is the only vehicle the city or suburban commuter needs. Just be ready for lots of friends who are going to ask to borrow it.

Key Features:

  • Travel in 18 miles per charge with included battery (44 miles with optional upgrade). You don’t pay for gas, no DMV fees, no insurance premiums, no license required! (check with your local laws)
  • Upgrades include: Front Suspension for a smoother ride, Powerful headlight, Super load alarm system with wheel lock, Key-less Remote Start
  • 1500W Hub , 60 Volt 1 Battery, Twist And Go Throttle.
  • Steering is kept at a minimum as you lean into your turns. But don’t worry, you can stop on a dime, all thanks to the powerful Hydraulic Disc Brake system.
  • 12 Month Limited Battery Warranty and 6 Month on the Parts & Accessories, LED Front Light, Keyed ignition with Digital Gauge

    Productions Specifications

    Product Weight  150 lbs
    Product Length  69 Length
    Product Width   31 Inch
    Product Height  43 Inch
    Wheelbase  51"
    Occupancy 2 Person
    Hub 1500W
    Battery Lithium Ion 60V
    10AH Charge Time  1-2 Hours
    Range Up to 25 Mile range per charge.
    Throttle  Twist and Go
    3 Speed Brakes
     Hydraulic Disc with 160mm Rotors
    Material  Steel
    Fenders  ABS Plastic
    Tires  225/55-8
    Weight Capacity  350 lbs
    Battery Indicator   Yes