E-Ped 500W 36v 12ah SLA or Li Brushless Electric Hub Motor Kit | Epic Wheelz

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The E-Ped electric hub motor kit can be fitted to almost any bike and all Tri-Rider 20" or 24" trikes. they supply the front wheel motor already mounted in the rim. With the kit installed on the 24" Tri-Rider it can cruise at up a nice mph. A 26" or 700C bicycle wheel will allow for a slightly higher top speed depending upon terrain. Generally, larger wheels give a higher top speed while the smaller wheels have more hill climbing ability. You can pedal assist at any time and by pedal assisting the bike or trike will have a longer range. 

The kits are available in 24V, 36V and 48V versions. The most popular operate at 36V with sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries of 7Ah, 12Ah or 20Ah. Most people find the 12Ah to provide the best compromise between performance and weight. We also offer 13 Ah Lithium Ion battery packs which are very lightweight and long lasting. Depending upon conditions, speed, pedal assistance and battery size you can travel from 10-30 miles range with the rechargeable battery pack. Some clients order a second battery pack to double the range. 

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