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BERG B Rapid Blue Pedal Go Kart

The classic pedal go kart that Berg became famous for, has been completely restyled. You can still choose from three different models: Basic Pure, Basic Rapid and Basic Super. You’re never too big for the Basic. You can start using it from the age of five and even adults still like to ride it.

Enjoy the excellent driving characteristics of the Basic. The ball mechanism in the controls helps you choose your ideal track. Even on the tightest bends, the robust pneumatic tires and swing axle provide grip, balance and stability. It's also easy to handle uneven surfaces, this makes for enjoyable driving in safety and comfort. And if you do have to hit the anchors, you use the back-pedal brake or just pull your handbrake. The Basic Pure and Basic Rapid are both available in blue. The Rapid has two sturdy rear mudguards as an extra feature. Fancy an aerodynamic design? Go for the Super, with its cool front spoiler and rear mudguards, available in three different colours: blue, yellow and red. Would you like to be able to go pedal karting together as well? The red, blue or yellow passenger seats will be just the thing for you!

  • • Very robust frame, making it even suitable for professional use.
  • • Extra comfort thanks to the pneumatic tyres.
  • • The four wheels and swing axle keep you firmly and safely on the ground.
  • • Grows with you thanks to the adjustable saddle.
  • • Available in combination with 5 different frames. 

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