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Acton BLINK S2 Electric Skateboard

Actons Blink S2 Electric Skateboard has arrived at the! This model comes with Free Shipping Across the United States. Riders will get a premium electric board with features like a dual hub system, 20% incline, 3 ride modes and more. 
Product Features 
single-hub-motor Dual Hub System
5-mile-range 14 Miles Range
regenerative-braking Regenerative Braking
3-ride-mode 3 Ride Modes
10mph-speed High MPH
incline-rate 20% Incline Rate
signature-safety-LED-lighting Signature Safety LED Lighting
wireless-remote-controlled Wireless Remote Controlled

Product Specifications 
Top Speed High MPH
Range Up to 14 Miles 
Incline Rate  20%
Braking  Regenerative Braking
Integrated Led Lights  Front/Tail/2 Side-Lights
Charge Time  1-1.5hr
Motors 2 Hub Motors, Total 1000W
Deck Length 31.5 in x 8.5 in
Deck Material Canadian Maple Wood, Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Weight 15 lbs
Wheel 83 mm
Max Rider Weight  250 lbs
UPC 00854017006346
Warranty  6 Months

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