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Kiwano KO1 Plus Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter - Authentic Model

The 2019 Kiwano KO1 Plus Electric Scooter is available today with tremendous power.  This product has natural responsive body control and smooth braking. Overall the Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter series is an incredible riding experience, like no other electric rideable. It Delivers  long range (15 miles) battery pack, water-resistant electronics, advanced connectivity, high-torque custom motor and advanced material construction.


Product Specifications 

Power 1000 Watts 
Battery  52 V 320 wh (non removable)
Top Speed  12 mph 
Range  25 miles 
Weight  35 lbs
Frame Carbon Fiber 
Load Capacity  264 lb
Brakes  Yes
Tires  8.5" airless 
Suspension Yes
Climbing angle  Up to 30%
Extras Kickstand, headlight and taillight, LED speedometer and battery meter, iOS/Android app for calibration and settings adjustments, ability to be controlled remotely with app.


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