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Purchase Your Scooterx Power Kart, Dirt Dog Gas Powered, Drift Trikes And More Today! Get the latest ScooterX Product with Free Fast Shipping Across the USA!
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The Scooterx Drifter 6.5 Horsepower Gas Powered Drift Trike is now available at the! It's also known as the motorized Big wheel, 3 wheeler, Drift Kart. How fast does a 6.5 HP drift trike go? This depends on user weight and terrain. With upgrades this can go it the...
The ScooterX Dirt Dog was Born in mid 2002 and has been one of our best selling scooters since birth. At birth the Dirt Dog came with a 43cc engine, in 2004 it grew to a 49cc engine and added dirt bike bars, in 2006 we added the chrome engine,...
**This item is priced individually**  Get your Black Plastic PVC Tire Sleeve replacement for Drift Trike. These are compatible with ScooterX's Drift Trike 6.5HP Models. Get these highly popular extra tire sleeves today! Specifications OD:10" ID:9.25" W:6" Thickness: .5"
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The ScooterX 196cc 6.5hp Sport Kart Off Road Go Kart is In Stock and Available Now! The Sport Kart is one of the fastest and most popular go kart we sell to date. The is not a entry level or for beginners unless over the age of 12. The Sport Kart...
Performance Exhaust Pipe for Sport Kart, Drift Trike and all other Go Karts with horizontal 6.5 hp OHV enginesThe 6.5 hp horizontal OHV engine is the most common go kart engine used by most manufacturers. Stock mufflers on these engines are designed only for sound reduction. Upgrade your kart with...
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High Compression Race Head Kit This Cylinder head increases the low compression stock engine's compression 30%. The stock Engines are EPA certified and highly regulated by the goverment and do not produce near the engines full potential. By increasing the compression you will see significant power gains throughout the entire...
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The SkaterX Gas Skateboard has been around since 2003 and has always been one of our most popular models. The SkaterX is great for lazy skateboarders who don't want to push and for surfers who don't want to swim. The SkaterX is also great for those who just have to...
This is the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to upgrading your scooter or go kart (or other). The timing key aka rocket key advances your timing 7 degrees which advances your spark. What does this do? It adds top speeds of 2-3 mph and about 10% more...
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This will fit any 33cc-52cc Huasheng Chinese gas scooter engine.  The hole is 43.91mm (1.728 inches) This filter is 47.91mm (1.856") Tall   This performance filter fits the following ScooterX models: Dirt Dog X-Racer Powerkart SkaterX Baja
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This Sprocket will fit the Scooter-X Dirt Dog, X-Racer, and SkaterX. This sprocket will also fit any scooter with the same bolt pattern and chain size. This is a great way to boost your top speed. This sprocket will make our 3 Scooter-X models 5+ MPH faster than stock. Speed...
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Replacement Rims for Scooterx Drift Trike Rims. Order Today!
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This complete rear wheel comes with disc and bearings! It's used on our Dirt Dog model and many other gas scooter models.


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