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The RMB Flex 500  sports an  efficient 500W brushless hub motor mated with a 48v system.   It can go farther and faster than most scooters  without breaking the bank.  Its three wheel design provides stability and comfort unlike  two wheel scooters. The Flex 500 conveniently  folds to fit into  most vehicles and RV storage compartments for easy transportation....
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RMB Multi-Tote trailer is specially designed to mate with Protean, Multi-Point Scooter, and e Quad scooters.  The RMB Multi-tote is an attractive accessory  or necessity for your scooter.  Smartly designed to fit through standard doorways and sturdy enough for loads up to 350lbs, the Multi-tote is great for shopping, warehouses, hotels,...
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The RMB Tag-a-Long allows you to tow another person from your Multi-Point, Protean, or e-Quad scooters.  Comfortable back rest and sturdy handlebars assist in passenger comfort.  Now your significant other can walk or ride!   Model No. RMB TAG Product Size  Deck 21L X 26W X 11.5H in Tow bar...
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The Rmb Libert-e Adult Electric Trike  is unlike any other electric pedal tricycle.  Most electric tricycles have either a front wheel hub motor or rear wheel hub motor that only powers one  wheel- ultimately sacrificing traction, torque, and cornering safety. Kiss those issues goodbye with the Libert-e. The Libert-e has a powerful electric...
The NEW and IMPROVED  QUICK RELEASE PATENT PENDING RMB Multi-Point now assembles and disassembles in minutes allowing it to be transported not only in SUV's, but now small cars as well!     The Multi-Point is designed to be "One scooter fits all" and can carry passengers up to 350 lbs.  We have...
The NEW PATENT PENDING RMB PROTEAN folding  scooter was designed to make transporting in RV's and vehicles a snap!  We have integrated our customers wants and desires, into one scooter.  Whether its mobility, utility, convenience, or fun. The PROTEAN offers options our competitors only dream of.  Just like the Multi-Point scooter, the PROTEAN is versatile. It...
The RMB e-Quad XL comfortably seats two adults.  Its powerful 800w brush less motor will whisk you away in comfort and style.  Low floor deck allows for easy access.  Great for gated communities, golf courses, hotels, you name it.  Mobility does not have to be boring or lack styling! The...
The RMB e-Quad work horse was designed for easy mobility and fun!  Low floor deck allows for easy access and wide seat will fit two medium size adults or one large adult up to 450 lbs!  Make no assumptions about the e-Quad, it is fast and powerful. Heavy duty suspension with...


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